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Ride On Boost Combi -Sweeper & Scrubber Made in Italy
Ride On Boost Combi -Sweeper & Scrubber Made in Italy
Waste Hopper Capacity : 210 Lit
Scrubbing Path : 1150 mm
Solution Tank : 220 Lit
Traction Motor : Rear
Cleaning Performance : 8400 m2 /h
Engine Options : Electric/Diesel/Petrol/LPG
Sweeping path : 1450 mm

Industrial Sweeper Dubai

Handy, economic and reliable, with really superior sweeping and washing quality. This is Dulevo Boost Combi, a sweeper and scrubbing machine that assures total control of particulate matter in addition to washing even the trickiest surfaces. Designed both for urban and industrial settings, it assures environmentally friendly and efficient work, with the utmost productivity and low maintenance costs. 
Dulevo Boost Combi works three times as much as any traditional machine thanks to the Dulevo mechanical-suction-filtered system. The finest dust is captured by the special textile filtering system and after sweeping, only perfectly clean air is returned into the environment. Thanks to the high front discharge the dust may be conveniently discharged directly into the bins.
The washing system allows the machine to work at constant pressure on any surface and any type of dirt. With washing brushes moving to the right, the floor is conveniently washed all the way flush with the wall. 
Use of the Dulevo Boost Combi is intuitive and immediate thanks to the simple and user-friendly control panel. Battery compartment and machine components are easily accessible to make maintenance and inspections easier.
Ergonomics is another essential feature. Every detail of this sweeper-scrubber with man on board has been designed to obtain the best cleaning results at very low maintenance costs, even by inexperienced people.
Other features:
• The counter-rotating disc brushes
• Easily replaceable washing brushes
• Parabolic floor squeegee 
• Easily accessible filter and suction motor
• High density polyethylene tanks resistant to shocks and corrosion
• Tyres may be replaced without any tools