High Pure - Window Cleaning System
High Pure - Window Cleaning System
Water In / Out Connections : 3/4' Gas
Power Supply : 1-230-50 Ph-V-Hz
Absorbed Power : 0,6 KW
Dimension (LxWxH) : 53x50x127 CM
Weight : 55 KG
Max Poles Length : 16 (also with 2 poles)
Productivity : up to 200 m²/h
Operating Pressure : 8 - 10 Bar
Pure Water Flow : 3 - 8 L/M


There are ever more uses for cleaning systems based on pure, osmotic and demineralised, water (glazing, solar and photovoltaic panels, boats, aeroplanes, interiors, etc.).

Main users
•Companies (self cleaning).
•Cleaning contractors and window cleaners.
•Solar panel installers/maintainers.


Main applications
•Buildings up to 5 stories where ladders, lifts or scaffolding is needed to clean windows.
•Green houses.
•Cleaning of solar and photovoltaic panels.


How it works
1. Water inlet hose.
2. Power supply: electric motor or battery.
3. Water purification system (HighPure).
4. Water feed hose.
5. Operators work safely on the ground.
6. Water fed pole.
7. Water fed brush and gooseneck.


How the IPC HighPure systems works
•HighPure system produces pure water.
•Pure water is carried upper-level through a pole and is applied by a brush.
•The combined use of pure water and brush removes dirt from glass and frames.
•Pure water removes dirt and holds it in suspension.
•The glass is rinsed and impurities are removed. The pure water dries naturally, without leaving salt deposits in suspension and the glass is clear and immediately free.