Ride-On Industrial Sweeper Battery Operated Gemma E78
Ride-On Industrial Sweeper Battery Operated Gemma E78
Main brush width : 800 mm
Main brush width + nr. 2 side brushes : 1300
Tank Capacity : 115 L
Max Gradient : 10% (20% Optional Kit)
Cleaning Capacity : 9700 mq/h
A simple, sober, strong, machine that ensures good performance and long-term durability. At the first sight GEMMA will capture you by simplicity and versatility
GEMMA E78, battery version, gets traction from the front electrodriving wheel, its vertical 900W motor allows
the machine to reverse within 2 mt space, in such a manner the machine can nearly turn on itself. With cleaning capacity of about 9.500 square mt/h GEMMA is mostly recommended in logistic areas, warehouses, storerooms, it can also guarantee excellent performance in narrow passages as well as in clear, wide spaces. GEMMA DSA version (Dumping Automatic System) offers a discharge system that can rise 145cm above the ground. The door container can be opened at any level
of height depending on the user’s needs, it automatically closes when the opening button is released. Super elastic tyres, adjustable seat, front working lights are the GEMMA main features designed to enhance the standard
of comfort. The no-marking wheels, which are non-optional only on mod. E78, do not leave tyre tracks on the floor.