Ride-On Scrubber Dryer Diamond 100S Combi
Ride-On Scrubber Dryer Diamond 100S Combi
Cleaning width : 1000 mm
Solution tank / recovery tank : 235/250L
Power supply : 36V/500Ah
Squeegee width : 1000 mm
Traction motor : 1400watt
A ride-on sweeper machine with a cleaning width of 100 cm. Two cyllindrical brushes clean and collect the dirt in a recovery box that
drains the exceeding water then collected by the squeegee with a 100cm cleaning width. The "brush dry" system avoids the leaking at the
end of the work. The cleaning system is very efficient and despite the big dimension the maintenance is very easy to operate as the brushes
can be taken on and off fastly. This machine is particularli indicated for every fast maintenance cleaning and for large joints floors. Thanks to
its AC traction wheel, the diamond machine requires a reduced maintenance related to the motor, which goes hand in hand with great
performances both when starting to drive and when driving over ramps.