Ride-On Scrubber Dryer Topaz 90
Ride-On Scrubber Dryer Topaz 90
Cleaning width : 900mm
Solution tank/recovery tank : 180/190 L
Power supply : 36V/320Ah
Squeegee width : 1175mm
Traction motor : 1200 watt
36V version with two counter rotating disc brushes. Thanks to the standard AC traction wheel this machine combines an easy and quick
maintenance to great performances when driving along slopes. In addition to the strong 900mm brush base, the ergonomics plays a
major role on this model. It is possible indeed to regulate the driving position thanks to a seat, a steering wheel and a footboard (Adiatek
patented system) that are completely adjustable. The Topaz is also equipped with a foldable roll bar in order to be easily loaded on most of
the commercial vehicles. The particular design of this model combines the benefits of compactness to the request of a 180 liters hydric
autonomy. The wide recovery tank opening makes the inspection simple and therefore also the maintenance. The two powerful suction
motors together with the strong squeegee grant high drying performances even when the machines is working in silent mode. The
Topaz, keeping up with the times, combines great cleaning performances with a minimum impact on the environment: thanks to
its 3S and 3SD systems the water and detergent solution consumption is adjusted accordingly to the work to carry out, this results not only on
a waste reduction but also on a global saving for the customer.