Steam Generator GV 3.3M PLUS
Steam Generator GV 3.3M PLUS
Max steam pressure : 9 bar
Temperature : 175C
Boiler abs. power : 3300W/230 V- 50 Hz
Steam Production : 4,62 Kg/h
Water tank/detergent tank capacity : 5 / 5 L
Satured steam at 9 bar at a temperature of 175° C. 
Steam gun with low tension control. 
Made of AISI 304 stainless steel. 
3.3 kW Boiler s/s AISI 304. 
Thickness 25/10. 
Heating and activation time required: 7 min. 
Steam regulation. 
Discharge valve. 
Pressure gauge. 
Device for using chemicals and detergents mixed with steam. 
The water heater can be reļ¬lled from the tank provided (continuous duty). 
Pivoting wheels with brakes, suitable for use in food processing areas.