Vacuum Steam Generator GV ETNA 4000
Vacuum Steam Generator GV ETNA 4000
Max Steam Pressure : 7 bar
Boiler Power : 3000 W
Water Tank : 5 L

Steam Cleaning Dubai - UAE

Stainless steel body AISI 304 
Ready steam warning lamp. 
Boiler 3kW S/S AISI 304 - Thickness 25/10. 
Low level water lamp indicator. 
Boiler is refilled continuously. 
Switch for using chemicals and detergents mixed with steam. 
Device for cleaning hot water mixed with steam. 
Washable filter. 
Flex hose 4 m. 
Recovery tank capacity 64 l. 
Drain hose system. 
Steam regulation. 
Wheels suitable for use in food processing area. 
Blower system available. 
ON/OFF main switch with indicator lamp. 
ON/OFF boiler switch with indicator lamp