Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer Baby
Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer Baby
Squeegee width : 410 mm
Suction motor : 200 W
Battery compartment : L: 270 mm, W: 215 mm, H: 190 mm
Noise Lever : 66.8 dB
Baby is single brush battery powered floor cleaning machine with a cleaning width of 35cm and integrated battery charger.
It is suitable to clean even very small areas such as offices, shops, laboratories, tavern, terraces, private pools and every other environments with narrow passages.
The recovery tank can be taken off in order to drain and clean it. The baby machine is provided with a strong squeegee which rubber is taken off through a quick docking. The handlebar can be adjusted and it bends in order to allow an easy transportation. Once the water is drained it is possible to capsize the machine without taking anything off in order to make it less bulky to be stored. In that position also every maintenance intervention on the brush or on the squeegee results easier.