Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer Ruby 50E/50B
Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer Ruby 50E/50B
Scrubbing width : 500 mm
Solution Tank : 40 / 45 Ltr
Productivity : 1750 m2/hr

Top Quality Floor Scrubber Dryer in Dubai - UAE

It is the single brush battery powered version with a cleaning width of 50 cm. The models dier each other for the electric traction system
and equipments provided. The pressure applied on the brush is adjustable by the operator depending on the oor to clean. In the
version without traction it is possible to adjust the angle of the bruh to have it helping the movement. This single brush version is provided
with the automatic brush docking without manual intervention and it is particularly indicated for small environments inside school or ospitals
and so where it is necessary a frequent brush cleaning. Ruby models are also particularly silent thanks to the soundproong system of the
suction motor patented by Adiatek.