Ride-On Industrial Sweeper Battery Operated Style E70
Ride-On Industrial Sweeper Battery Operated Style E70
Specifications are coming soon
STYLE: Compact man-on board suitable to clean medium and large spaces both inside and outside.
The Style frame is made by iron and, moreover, a perimeter moulding defends the risk points.
The very careful design gives to Style solidity and unity without renouncing to comfort.
These three features, we underline, are the very essence of a motor-sweeper.
According to us, this has always been an essential point and Style has a high aspiration due to the high fan’s rotation speed and to the large filtrating surface; this is realized with 6 cylindrical filters which total surface is of 6 m² with an electric buzzer for a more efficacious and deep cleaning.
The tip-up bonnet makes easy any maintenance, minimized thanks to the easy and regular structure of Style.
The container has an effective capacity of 62 litres and can be easily removed thanks to a wheeled frame.
DSA: a new assisted discharge device of the dust container until 1.100 mm higher and with the possibility to unload the content in a plastic bag.