Marble Restoration Solutions

Marble Cleaning in Dubai, UAE & Saudi Arabia

Your marble features can be showcase to emphasise a number of different features depending on the finishing of the stone.

A polished finish is glossy and reflective; and emphasises the color and markings of the stone. It’s best suited for countertops and other accent pieces. A honed finish is satin smooth, and reflects relatively little light. Customers generally prefer the honed finish for floors and areas with heavy foot traffic that would wear down a polished finish. It can also be applied to furniture tops. A flamed finish is rough, textured and often used on granite floor tiles.

Marble Polishing Machine Dubai

Cleantech’s grinding or honing machines use an abrasive machine process to produce a precision surface on a metal work piece by scrubbing an abrasive stone against it along a controlled path. Our models are designed for stonework, and match quality with power, reliability, price and speed.

We offer several high-quality heavy-duty grinding machines that are easy to use, and versatile across a number of surfaces and materials.

Cleantech Gulf supplies several types of severe-duty grinding/ honing machines from industry-leading brands to our UAE customers.

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