Carpet Vacuums Dubai, UAE

Cleantech’s carpet vacuums are highly durable machines that use an air pump to suck up dust and dirt from surfaces, collecting the mess in dust bags or cyclones for later disposal. Carrying both commercial and home-use models, we offer a large selection to meet your cleaning needs.
Our models come in all shapes and sizes, from small battery-operated hand-held devices, to domestic central vacuum cleaners, to huge stationary industrial appliances that can handle several hundred litres of dust before needing to be emptied. We even carry self-propelled vacuum trucks for the recovery of large spills or removal of contaminated soil.

Today’s cleaning professionals demand vacuum performance that goes well beyond simple wet/ dry recovery. Whether your requirement is commercial or industrial, standard, multi-layered, or critical filter recovery, Cleantech has a product for you.

Cleantech Gulf is leading supplier of the most productive, durable and versatile carpet vacuums in the UAE.

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