Walk-Behind Sweepers

Fully Functional Walk-Behind Vacuum Cleaners

Maintaining a clean environment outside as well as inside can seem like a much more difficult task than it needs to be. The good news is that, for an affordable price, you can have the best equipment and machinery at your disposal to achieve great results with minimal turnaround time. Our heavy-duty walk-behind vacuum cleaners and sweepers make cleaning a breeze, and will leave you with a result that transforms the appearance of the area.

Making Cleaning Efficient with a Walk-Behind Vacuum Sweeper

When you need to keep an area spotless, Cleantech saves you time and energy with a high quality solution that meets your practical needs and budget. Our industrial sweepers are built to perform in dusty or sandy areas, and can pick up anything from tiny dust particles to large chunks of gravel. We are proud to be the top supplier of vacuums, sweepers, cleaners and other supplies for the UAE and beyond.

Own Reliable and Heavy-Duty Vacuum Cleaners

We take pride in the standard of products that we offer, and hold everything in our range to the strictest standards to ensure each and every one of our customers gets great value on any purchase. It’s important to us that all supplies, equipment and machinery meet the industry standard and all required regulations, and we choose to source goods from manufacturers who share our passion for biodegradable supplies, environmentally responsible processes and reductions in energy and water consumption.

All Cleaning material – Please contact us

Have a browse through our website to see the full range we offer in UAE. From floor care to specialty cleaning machines and everything in between, we are your one stop shop for any supplies, machinery and equipment you need for use in residential, industrial and commercial and areas. For high-quality vacuums, sweepers or anything else, choose Cleantech Gulf.

To make an enquiry about our latest vacuum cleaner or vacuum sweeper, or anything in our range, please don’t hesitate to call +971 4 8865075 or contact us through the online form.

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