Floor Cleaning Machine Dubai, UAE

Unlike floors, we despise getting walked over. Staying clean means keeping mean in the highly competitive environment of today’s market, which means regular maintenance using top-quality floor cleaning machines is the best thing to do to maintain the quality of your flooring.

Having a targeted approach to flooring care makes all cleaning, maintenance, and polishing processes much more effective. Our experts can help you develop a proper plan that will produce the best possible results for the material your flooring is made of.

Choosing the Best Cleaning Equipment for Different Floors

Making the right choice when it comes to floor cleaning equipment, floor scrubber machines, and floor polishing machines, along with any other related machinery, requires a solid understanding of what you need. This may sound obvious, but many people fail to stop and think about the basics; from the size of the area to the type of material in question, a number of details can come into play when deciding on a product.

Both soft and hard flooring generally get great results from ride-on sweepers and scrubber driers, while mopping systems, high-speed burnishers, wet vacuums and rotary floor polishing machines are a common addition to facility maintenance closets. When the area you are working with is greater than 1,500 square metres, more efficient equipment should be considered. This includes burnishers, propane finish strippers, autoscrubbers, planetary movement equipment and battery fuel sweepers. Maintenance of soft floors is often best done using automatic carpet extractors, dry vacuums, and upright wide area vacuums.

Take a look at the range on offer from Cleantech Gulf, and get in touch to make any enquiries.

Our Full Range of Cleaning and Polishing Machines in UAE & Saudi Arabia

Hard floor cleaning machine

  • High speed floor polisher machine/burnishers
  • Ride-on sweepers
  • Walk-behind sweeper
  • Ride-on floor scrubber machines
  • Walk-behind scrubber
  • High-pressure tile and grout cleaning equipment
  • Battery-powered burnishers
  • Floor-finish strippers
  • Stone care and restoration equipment.

Soft floor cleaning machine

  • Backpack vacuums
  • Wide area carpet vacuums
  • Automatic carpet extractors
  • Carpet extractors
  • Effective and most appropriate carpet cleaning solutions
  • Planetary-movement carpet care equipment
  • Downward-flow carpet air movers.
  • Upright vacuums

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