Single Disc Floor Machines

Floor Machines Dubai, UAE

Cleantech’s high-performance single-disc floor machines make light work of cleaning, allowing you strip, sand and shine almost any floor surface. Our machines are easy to use and lightweight, and we offer both all-purpose models as well as machines for polishing, scrubbing or deep cleaning.

Our economical and lightweight single-disc floor machines have pads that rotate at over 1000 RPM and are perfect for smaller area, and are handheld for the ultimate flexibility and range of motion.

Scrubbing & Buffing Machines in UAE

Cleantech Gulf’s scrubbing/ buffing floor machines and auto scrubbers scrub your hardwood, marble, tile or linoleum floor surfaces clean of light debris, dust, oil, grease or floor marks to reveal a sparkling surface. Equipped with rotary discs or cylindrical scrubbing head, our internationally-renowned HAWK models have an automated system for dispensing cleaning solution to clean your floors, and then vacuum it all up.

Our commercial and industrial floor scrubbers are heavy-duty and easy to operate in both the rider scrubber and walk behind automatic scrubber models. Cleantech Gulf’s battery-powered sweepers are also available in both rider and walk pedestrian models, and are built with an-all steel construction and powerful motors to keep these machines working for years. Our high-speed burnishers and floor polishing equipment are specifically designed to achieve a high level of gloss on a variety of floor finishes.

Cleantech Gulf supplies several types of scrubbing/ buffing machines from internationally-renowned brands to our UAE customers.

Burnishers & Polishers

For a versatile, economical dual-speed floor machine, you’ve come to the right place. Cleantech Gulf offers efficient products from HAWK-USA, which saves time and money by doing the jobs of two machines in one – a standard 180 RPM cleaning floor machine and a 300 RPM buffer.

Cleantech Gulf is proud to be a leading supplier of burnishers/ polishers in the UAE.

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