Itala 135 BT – Side Walk Sweeper

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Supply 24 V battery
Hopper capacity l 135
Coverage performance m²/h 6500
Working time h > 8
Main sweeping path mm 600
With 2 sides brushes mm 1250 – 1350
Total power W 1900
On board battery charger A/5 40
 Max battery capacity (Agm Ah/5 320 (274)
Maximum gradient % 20
Maximum speed Km/h 6,5
Steering range mm 2800
Dust control with water si
Water tank capacity l 30
Filtering surface 3
Filter type Polyester panel
Filtering shaker V 24
Noise level dB(A) 70
Machine dimensions (L x l x h) mm 2000 x 1270 x 1140
Weight without batteries kg 350

Itala 135 BT is the 100% electric street sweeper that stands out for having zero environmental impact. The sweeper does not produce CO2 emissions and thanks to its powerful filtering system, the fine dust remains trapped and is not released into the environment during the collection phase. All functions are electric therefore the noise emissions are reduced only to the noise of the brushes on the ground, offering the possibility to work at any time of day or night. The advantages of Itala 135 are related to its high productivity. The mechanical system allows to collect even voluminous litter, which combined with the suction system with water spray on the front brushes allows a total reduction of fine particles. The mini 100% electric sweeper Itala 135 BT, available also with a comfortable trolley for the operator, is considered as a sidewalk electric sweeper. Its compactnes in fact combined with its incredible maneuverability make it the perfect cleaning solution for city centers.