Ride On Scrubber Dryer Diamond 100 (Traction Battery 36V 450AH) – Made In Italy

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Cleaning Width: 1000 mm
Solution tank/recovery tank:   235/250L
Power supply: 36V/500Ah
Productivity: 700m2/h
Squeegee width:   1175 mm
Brushes motor: 2000 Watt
Motion system: Automatic
Maximum gradient: 10%
Suction motor:   2×570 Watt
Suction vacuum: 190 mbar
Machine dimensions: L: 2025 mm W: 1040 mm with rollbar H: 1685 mm without rollbar H: 1330 mm
Machine weight w/o battery: 600 kg
Traction motor:  1200 Watt AC: 1400 Watt- Movement speed:7 km/hAC:9 km/h
Battery compartment: L: 640 mm W: 655 mm H: 530 mm
Battery Autonomy: 5 – 6H
Class: III
Protection level: IP X3
Loudness: <70 dB (A)
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AC traction wheel model, equipped with two counter rotating disc brushes with a 100cm cleaning width. Like in all the diamond models, a knob on the dashboard is used to electronically select the weight applied by the brushes, for a value up to 160Kg. It is a professional machine, easy to maintain. A stainless steel inspection hatch allows the complete cleaning of the recovery tank. Thanks to its innovative shape, the strong squeegee dries perfectly even when driving at high speed; it is also possible to easily adjust and disassemble it and the rubbers can be used on both the edges. The perfect weights balance grants safety, reliability and high performances. This is a machine indicated to clean very dirty or even slippery floors, where a quick cleaning is needed without compromising the quality of the result. Thanks to its AC traction wheel, the diamond machine requires a reduced maintenance related to the motor, which goes hand in hand with great performances both when starting to drive and when driving over ramps. Self-contained dishwasher with operator’s seat battery powered. High performance and unique design make the Diamond 100 an uncompromising leader in the cleaning of all industrial and commercial objects. Device features: Practical access to the detergent tank infusion. Easy to empty the container of contamination into higher containers. Easy access to the tank to clean from dirt, easy access to the battery – disassembled contamination tank, friendly color – good visibility of the machine (warning function), silent motor operation. Quick replacement of the suction rubber – just unclip the clip, rounded suction – does not leave water on the corners modified brush water supply – 2 centrifugal points on both sides. Automatic stop of the brushes after 4 seconds after stopping the machine adjustable brush pressure – manual hydraulic lifting brushes. Control panel protected from moisture, hour meter, battery charge indicator, anticorrosive chassis. Wheel interior is protected against dust and moisture, rubber non-slip wheels, no traces.