Ride On Scrubber Dryer Topaz 85 (Traction Battery) – Made in Italy

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  • Cleaning Width: 850 mm
  • Ride-on Machine With Traction
  • Battery Autonomy : 3.5 – 4.5 H (Traction Battery 36V – 320AH)
  • Cylindrical Brushes: 2×150 mm
  • Brushes Speed:  785 rpm
  • Brushes Pressure Adjustable:  Max. 140 kg
  • Traction Motor : 1200 Watt
  • Solution tank/recovery tank: 180/190 L
  • Please Refer to Product Images, Product Video & Product Technical Data Sheet For More Information.

With Topaz 85 S, Adiatek brings a new sweeping machine in the market, taking all the autonomy and ergonomics standards of the scrubbing version. This model is equipped with an 85cm brushes base and a side brush, thanks to which the dirt is collected also along walls and corners, moving it under the machine to be collected in the dedicated van. The machine is provided with a 3S dosing system as standard equipment, the possibility to adjust the brushes base pressure on 8 levels depending on how much the brushes are worn and also the chance to choose between the standard and quiet mode for the suction motor.