Walk Behind Sweeper 52EH Wave – Made in Italy

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  • Sweeping path min.: 500 mm
  • Sweeping path max: 900 mm
  • Cleaning performance: 4000 sqm/h
  • Waste hopper capacity: 40 Lt.
  • Filtering surface: 1.05 sqm
  • Fuel: Battery
  • Please Refer to Product Images, Product Video & Product Technical Data Sheet For More Information.

The walk behind sweeper model Dulevo 52 is an unmatched machine in sweeping performance, strength and reliability. Model Dulevo 52 has all the technical characteristics of Dulevo’s larger models in Commercial Cleaning Range. In common with all Dulevo’s commercial machines, the walk behind sweeper model 52 gives a perfect sweeping result, thanks to the Dulevo direct-throw system. The collection system of the walk behind sweeper model DULEVO 52 starts with the side brush which transfers dust and debris into the centre of the machine where a cylindrical main brush throws everything forward into the hopper…. PERFECT ARMONY BETWEEN PERFORMANCE AND DESIGN. The new sweeper 52 Wave is a sort of little jewel casket in which designers have introduced all of the technologies that made Dulevo famous in the world for its wonderful street and industrial sweepers. Very solid manufacture, maximum reliability, outstanding sweeping performance and a dust control with no equals in the world, and this thanks to the exclusive application of the filter in GORE® material. Dulevo 52 WAVE also has a feature that makes it unique in its own category. In fact, this small technological jewel can be equipped with the GORE® filtering system, which can filter up to 90% of PM2.5, freeing the environment where we live not only from dirt and dust, but also from the dangerous particulates. The special filtering GORE® materials foster a considerable increase of performance, guaranteeing a higher duration, easy cleaning, reduced maintenance, an increase in the air capacity equal to 35%: All this for a better sweeping quality. The sweeper Dulevo 52 WAVE guarantees excellent sweeping results in all working conditions. The two side brushes direct dust and refuse right to the center of the machine, where the central tubular brush collects everything and then sends it to the container. The carefully studied geometries and the peculiar shape of the container allow to use all the space available inside the box, so as to minimize downtime due to unloading operations. The dust is suctioned and retained thanks to the depression created inside the container itself by a high-capacity and high-prevalence suction fan. The exclusive GORE® filtering system completes the cleaning cycle through the total suction of particles and guaranteeing the emission in the environment of air that is totally PM 10-free.