Pressure Washer Cold Water Fuel Operated Thermic 6 BS – Made in Italy

Technical Data Sheet
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  • Operating pressure : 170 bar – 2460 psi
  • Delivery Rate: 630 l/h
  • Pump type / RPM: TPBH4/3600 RPM
  • Max inlet water temperature: 40 °C
  • Motor type/HP: B&S XR950
  • Please Refer to Product Images, Product Video & Product Technical Data Sheet For More Information. 

Three ceramic coated pistons, brass axial pump head with built-in by-pass valve. Suction and delivery valves s/s. 6 HP B&S XR950 unleaded gasoline engine. Integrated detergent suction with external suction probe. Pressure regulator. Glicerine pressure gauge. Hose-reel (optional). Suction hose with check valve (optional). Steel frame. Hose holder. 3,1 L gasoline tank.