Ride on Scrubber Dryer Diamond 100 (Part No. K0700201)
Ride on Scrubber Dryer Diamond 100 (Part No. K0700201)
Cleaning width : 1000 mm
Solution tank / recovery tank : 235 / 250 L
Power supply : 36 V / 500 Ah
Productivity : 7000 m2/h
Squeegee width : 1175 mm
Traction motor : 1200 Watt

Ride-on machine with Traction

Self-contained dishwasher with operator's seat battery powered. High performance and unique design make the Diamond 100 an uncompromising leader in the cleaning of all industrial and commercial objects.

Device features:

  • Practical access to the detergent tank infusion
  • Easy to empty the container of contamination into higher containers
  • Easy access to the tank to clean from dirt
  • easy access to the battery - disassembled contamination tank
  • friendly color - good visibility of the machine (warning function)
  • silent motor operation
  • Quick replacement of the suction rubber - just unclip the clip
  • rounded suction - does not leave water on the corners
  • modified brush water supply - 2 centrifugal points on both sides
  • Automatic stop of the brushes after 4 seconds after stopping the machine
  • adjustable brush pressure - manual
  • hydraulic lifting brushes
  • Control panel protected from moisture
  • hour meter
  • battery charge indicator
  • anticorrosive chassis
  • Wheel interior is protected against dust and moisture
  • rubber non-slip wheels, no traces